The 5 best traveling spots in India you shouldn’t miss


According to the recent data released by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the number of foreign tourists to India has seen a 31% increase over the last year. This number is pegged even higher, at 40%, in the case of domestic tourists. India has always held a very special place in the minds of tourists worldwide- an enchanted place of rich culture and unmatched spirituality; a land of snake charmers and yogis.

But, over the last few decades, the world has found itself falling in love with an India of rich natural beauty and remnants of bygone civilizations. It is impossible to cover this entire nation in one trip because there are just too many places to visit. So, we have compiled below a list of 5 traveling spits that you shouldn’t miss.

Indian Travel Guide for tourists– 5 places in India that you must see

Let us take a look at our top 5 picks.

  1. Kerala: Rightly called the ‘God’s Own Country’, this piece of land in India’s southern most corner is a traveler’s delight. Kerala was the only place from Indian that featured in National Geographic’s “Ten places you must visit before you die” list in 2008.


There is so much one can explore while they are in Kerala; be it visiting the numerous beaches dotting the landscape, ancient temples, the backwaters of Alleppey, the Silent Valley, Periyar tiger reserve, boating in Thekkadi wildlife sanctuary, the Bekal Fort and so on. Also called the ‘land of spices’, one simply cant help but fall in love with the seafood here. Do try the spicy fish curries from one of the Toddy shops omnipresent in the Kottayam and Alleppey districts.

  1. Maharashtra: One of the biggest states in India and home to the proud descents of the great Maratha Warrior King, Shri Chattrapathi Shivaji, Maharashtra definitely makes it to our list. For foreigners, Maharashtra may not ring a bell, but Mumbai definitely will. This burgeoning, overpopulated city that happens to be the business capital of India is one you should definitely visit. Other must see places include Pune, Lavassa, the Konkan beaches, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Lonavla, Khandala and so on.
  2. Uttar Pradesh: Located in North India and home to the evergreen symbol of eternal love, the Taj Mahal, UP simply spoils you for choices. The cuisines, temples, museums, forts, gardens, ancient buildings etc are all a treat and this coupled with numerous tour operators can ensure you a very memorable journey.
  3. North-East: It is a collection of seven sister states, all embedded deep in nature’s lap. If your idea of a fun vacation is exploring virgin forests, trekking and kayaking, do plan a visit to India’s North-East.
  4. Tamil Nadu: The land of temples and home to one of the most ancient languages in the world, this state has everything to satisfy a traveler. Must see places include the Marina beach, Tanjore temple, Chennai city, Madurai temple and so on.



Top 5 Best Visiting places of UK For Vacation

One of the most scintillating tourist destinations ever, the United Kingdom is in a league of its own when it comes to the sheer diversity and options available for tourists. It is an historian’s delight with relics and scriptures dating back to the early BC available in abundance across the empire. The United Kingdom  comprise  of four countries; namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although now a part of the European Union, UK has retained the British Pound as its national currency.

UK is one of the most preferred tourism destinations of the world. As per the latest records, it sees a tourist footfall of well over 30 million every year. And this is just the foreign tourists. With a surging domestic tourist numbers, the actual figure may be many times higher. So what makes the UK such a huge crowd puller? Yes, the culture, cuisine, art, literature, historical significance etc plays a major part. It offers abundant opportunities to just about every tourist with varying tastes. Let us examine the must-see places in the United Kingdom.

Make your travel to UK a memorable one

No matter which part of the world you are travelling from, visiting the UK is quite easy; thanks to the numerous initiatives set in motion by successive governments. Although it is impossible to make a list of the most attractive tourism destinations, given below are our top 5 picks

  1. London: Any list wouldn’t be complete without the majestic London included in it. Home to the Royal family of England, it houses the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and London Zoo. There are numerous destinations that one ought to see while you are visiting London. Make sure you visit the official website of London Tourism to get a grand picture of what the city offers. Almost all global tourism agencies provide wonderful packages to visit London.

  1. Scotland: It is very popular among tourists for its castles and numerous festivals. There are so many festivals held all around the year and is an experience to cherish. Some of the major tourist attractions are the city of Glasgow, Edinburgh Castle, Fort William, Stirling, Inverness, Pitlochry etc. It also has numerous quite villages far away from the cities that offer visitors abundance of solitude and serenity.
  2. Wales is equally popular as Scotland and London with tourists. Offering a glimpse into a long lost civilization as well as the bustling young city life, Wales has seen it all. The landscape dotted by numerous fine castles and clear lakes is a nature lover’s delight. Do not miss the Doctor Who Exhibition which has turned out to be a major attraction.
  3. Northern Ireland is popular for its scenic mountains, white beaches, lush mountains, quite villages and energetic culture. The pubs in Ireland are renowned for the free flowing liquor and heart rendering music.
  4. The beaches across the United Kingdom top the list and are frequented by tourists from all across the world. Seaside towns such as Southport and Morecambe have grown in popularity over the years.

There are numerous other tourist destinations in the UK, but these are a must-visit due to its diversity and culture.


Cambridge – A Must Visit UK Destination For Travellers

Are you planning to travel this holiday? In case you want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, then Cambridge is the place to be. It has a cool and friendly environment you will definitely love. Besides this, it has some of the best hotels and restaurants you’ll find anywhere in the UK. There are also very attractive tourist sites that you can visit, hence you will never be bored while travelling to Cambridge.

Why visit Cambridge?

There are a myriad of reasons why you don’t want to miss traveling to Cambridge. Some of these reasons include:

 World Famous Tourist Sites

There are various tourist sites in Cambridge that you can visit while in this historic and spectacular place. For example, you can take a trip to the University of Cambridge, the Ely Cathedral and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden where you will get to see various stunning features. You can also visit the Kettle’s yard, Museum of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum and the Backs. There is so much history in Cambridge that you will never forget some of these uniquely British attractions. Visit Cambridge tourist information today or this holiday for more than what you may expect.

Cool surrounding

Cambridge is located in a very environmentally friendly place that you will find very favourable throughout the year. It’s not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter. It is therefore the one of world’s best tourist attraction sites that you will enjoy touring at any time. It is also uniquely positioned in southern England giving you incredible access to other famous towns and attractions such as Oxford, the London and the Cotswolds (home of William Shakespere).


World-class hotels and restaurants

Besides the great beauty and historic Cambridge tourist sites, you will also spend your nights in five star hotels and restaurants within Cambridge. These restaurants also prepare mouth-watering meals of varied types you will enjoy eating. No matter what type of food you are looking for, Cambridge will have high quality restaurants to meet your needs. They have many long established restaurants for cuisine such as French and Italian. For the more modern traveller, why not try one of Cambridge’s more modern restaurants, such as Butch Annie’s. For hotel accommodation, you will find many places to choose from with a wide range of prices from £75 per night up to £250 per night. For those with less expensive taste, try bed and breakfasts or even getting a deal from Air BnB.

These are just but some of the umpteen reasons why you should visit Cambridge this holiday. It has the best tourist attraction sites with the best features. Visit today and you will experience much more than you expected.

Why A Guided Tour Is A Great Idea In Spain

Do you enjoy your activities being planned for you? Guided tours in Spain is indeed a great idea. There are various teams of personable, knowledgeable, flexible and experienced tour guides who will guide you to various destinations based on your own personal desires.

Local Spain Tour guides enables you to access fine hand-pick guides as they narrate to you the great history of Spain. Whether you prefer bike tours or Segway tours, you get the best from them. Do you believe you are hard to please? You will be challenged by their impeccable services whether you are alone, in group of friends or as a family.

Enjoy pleasant private city tours through Madrid and beyond. Spain tour guides plays host to senior foreign dignitaries and visiting heads of states. They have local connections with other guides with good humor and passion in handling clients.

Come and experience Escort Guides by Spanish tour escorts especially when you are travelling in a small group. Their presence will greatly improve your overall comfort. Driver Guides are also available in certain parts of Spain like the Basque Country and Andalucía. They offer their services in multiple languages including English. It is always pleasant and enjoyable to have a private tour guide especially when travelling from one from one point to another.

Usually, tour guides are complemented by the local hosts which are more trained and offers professional services at your best of interest. They arrange for visitor stays the private mansions of the Spanish aristocracy.

Take a vacation to Spain and enjoy guided tours to the old Moorish quarter in Granada and the flamenco tour of Sevilla and Jerez among others. Come and experience alternative local cultural angle.  Read the BBC’s guide on Spain if you want impartial information.

Fixing your credit before buying a hotel

Buying a hotel is not something you wake up one morning and decide to do.It starts slowly by planning with several stops on the planning road. image2One of the major roadblocks you are going to make a stopover at is on your finances. Understanding your credit is the most critical piece here. Good credit is going to make your hotel buying process successful. On the other hand, bad credit will make the process very hilly.

In this post, we are going to look at seven steps that will help you raise your credit score so that you do not have to rush to credit repair companies in the last minute trying to salvage your credit score. Unless your score is badly ruined, you will be forced to get help from credit repair companies.

  • Pull out your credit report

You need to be aware of the status of your credit score report so that if there is any problem with it you begin solving them. Minor and less serious issues may take up to months to be solved. There are several ways of getting your report including a free one from the 3 credit bureaus.

  • Fix the existing mistakes-they happen

A good percentage of people have been denied access to purchase due to credit report errors. These errors are inaccuracies that once you spot you will have to fix them. Get the step-by-step procedures on filing a claim from a credit bureau website. Follow the instructions and then keep records including all documents you use to file the dispute.

  • Pay bills on time

According to ever missing a single payment is very important when it comes to raising you r credit score. Over time, you will realize a big difference in comparison with someone who misses to make bill payments on time.

  • Make little overpayments

This is one way of increasing credit score. Minimum pays do not reflect a good image when your credit report is being reviewed.

  • Cutting Cards

There are controversies regarding closing paid off accounts. Instead of being sorry, you had better stay safe by paying off all credit cards instead of closing them prior to buying a hotel.

  • Maintain low balances

It is said that paying your balances up to over 50 % of the card limit is a good way of keeping your credit score afloat, do that as soon as possible.

  • Do not put big financial dents in your score

Avoid spending on buying a car or expensive vacations when you want to buy a hotel. Significant expenditure can twist the appearance of your credit report of which banks do not like seeing.


Best travel destinations in Asia

Many People loves travelling to the attractive places. There are many beautiful places in Asia that are loved by the tourists from all around the world. Some of the best travel destinations in Asia are briefly explained:
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal is one of the popular travel destination in Asia. Its capital city Kathmandu is one of the best attraction for the travelers. The city is full off the cultural places. Some of the popular places to visit are Swoyambhunath, Pashupati Nath, Basantapur Durbar Square and many others.


Besides Kathmandu, there are many attractive tourist destinations. Some of the popular destinations in Nepal are:
Pokhara – Naturally Beautiful City
Mt. Everest- highest peak in the world
Lumbini – birth place of Lord Buddha
Likewise, there are many other beautiful naturally gifted places and cities full of the ancient temples and cultural places.

Beijing, China
Beijing is the capital city of China. The city defines the history and rapid modernization of the country. There are many ancient palaces, popular historical places such as the Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City.

It also includes many world class stadiums. However, one of the most popular tourist destination in the world – the Great Wall of China is located outside the Beijing. Some of the other popular destinations in the country are:-
Tiananmen Square
Beihai Park
Ming Tombs

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The beautiful city includes many beautiful ancient temples and modern style beautiful shopping malls. Many Buddhist monks are in the city. Some of the popular attraction of the city are:-
Aquarium house in an 8 level shopping mall
150 foot Golden Buddha Statue
Jim Thomson House
King Rama IX Park
Museum of Contemporary Art

Singapore is the popular for the travelers. The city maintains the balance between the nature and human arts. There are many historically important places, museums and human build attractive buildings. The travel can also enjoy in the beautiful island in the country. some of the popular places in the city are:-

Marina Bay
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Orchard Road
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is popular as one of the best island in the world. The island includes the very beautiful mountains and coastal areas. Bali is one of the most popular destinations which includes many luxurious hotels. Some of the other popular tourist destinations in Indonesia are:-
Nusa Dua
Elephant Safari Park
Besaikh Temple
Tokyo is popular as the animated city. The city is full of the historical monuments. There are many beautiful urban parks in the city. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Tokyo are:-
Tsukiji Market
Meiji Shrine
Imperial Palace
Sensoji temple

Seoul, Korea

The city is rich in the heritage. The Gyengbok Palace is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city. It is the oldest and largest of 5 Joseon Dynasty Palace in the city. There are many historic and religious sites in the city. Some of the popular places are:-
Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower
Bukhansan National Park

Best Travel agencies United Kingdom

There are different travel agencies in the United Kingdom that offers the various types of tour packages for the travellers from the United Kingdom. Followings are some of the best travel agencies in the United Kingdom:-

Future Travel Advisors Ltd
Future Travel Advisors Ltd was established in 1995. The company is established in Rotherhithe, London. Offering the different holiday, flight and corporate travel package, offers the service in discounted rates based on the different conditions.

The Personal travel advisors are available in the different parts of the United Kingdom and worldwide. Future Travel Advisors is the member of the ATOL (Air Travel Organizers License) and ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents).
Darrell James Travel
One of the popular member of the Global Travel Group Ltd, Darrell James Travel is located in Wanstead, London. It offers the different types of the tour packages for the travelers from and to Paris on coach. It also offers the tailor made holiday package to the travelers to the Far East.
Southhall Travel Ltd
Southhall Travel Ltd was established in 1984. The company offers the various travel services such as booking the air tickets, hotels and various types of the tour packages. Located in Southhall, Middlesex, Southhall Travel offers the plans for the individual, group and business travelers.
The air reservation, visa services, booking hotels and car rental services are some of the basic services offered.
Bargain Travel House Burnley
Established in 2002, Bargain Travel House is located in Burnley, Lancashire. The company has also its office in Didsbury, Manchester. It offers the holiday packages to its customers at the bargain price. The tour packages are developed for the United Kingdom as well as for outside of the United Kingdom.


The holiday packages are designed for both short term and long-term tours and accommodation are offered in the luxury hotels on the discounted rates. The company is operated by the Co-op Travel Group.
Holiday Time
Holiday Time is located in Brighton and Hove, UK. The individual travel agent is a part of the Global Travel Group holding the ATOL license. The holiday packages are offered in very affordable price. The travellers are accommodated in the luxury hotels.

Its popular travel packages includes the honeymoon package, adventure holidays package and others. The package includes airways tour, railways tours and railways journeys.
Go Easy Travel Ltd
The company started offering its service from 1999. It is located in Sheffield, London. It offers the tour packages that are offered for the family holiday tour, wedding tour, honeymoon tour package and sports tour package.

The discussion is made between the clients individually to design the best travel package. The package are designed for all the types of the travelers including individual, couples, family or groups.
Just Villas Direct
The company offers the service that helps the client to book different luxury apartments and villas in the city of Florida, and the islands of the Caribbean. The villas has 3 – 7 bedrooms and it includes swimming pools, game rooms, spa or Jacuzzi and is located near the market areas. The company also offers the car rental service and ticket booking for the different tourist destinations.


Pacific and Caribbean plus Mountains
Experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer including 1night in San Jose, 2 nights in Manual Antonio on the Pacific coast with a sailing and snorkeling tour, and 2 aft nights at the Adrenal Volcano with hot springs and plenty of volcano viewing. In the jungles, the mountains and the beaches total 8 nights.


And also Whitewater raft down the PacuareRiver and enjoy unspoiled nature while navigating exciting class followed by 2 nights or more in Puerto Viejo soaking up the sun on the jungle –hugged beaches of the Caribbean and 1 more final night in San Jose. Including all the taxes and round trip transportation from San Jose prices start from $892 (double pp).

Costa Rica Full On Adventure
This the distinction of our coast to coast package more catered for those looking for lots of activities and adventures things .this is the package for those who are not interested to stay too long. We manage this package in cooperation with our business Partner DeFazio, using their amazing adventure activities including whitewater rafting from one destinations of the Caribbean Sea ,Tortuguero Canals, the stunning Adrenal Volcano ,the renowned Monteverdi Cloud Forest and the long sandy beaches of Samara on the Nicoya Peninsula .

It includes an incredible variety of animal and plant life. This is the totally customizable to be perfect fit for you guys! I t includes quality accommodation and transportation facilities with highly recommended hotels and is loaded with activities and adventure. The total days package is 15 days /14 nights and cost from $1451(p/p Double)
Volcano, jungle and beach
This includes 5 days and 4 nights which includes 2 nights at the Adrenal Volcano with plenty of time to relax in some hot springs. Horseback riding tour to the Adrenal Water fall and all day whitewater Rafting and 2 more nights’ accommodations at your choice of one of our hotel. Tour to Caquetá National Park Boat/Hike. One night accommodations in Torturer by van and boat. And lastly, two canal tours in the national park of Torturer Village. It cost $446 p/p double.

Caribbean wet and wild
We can arrange the best of the Caribbean wet and wild package all for you! In this package it will start from transportation from San Jose or whitewater rafting with breakfast prepare you for a full on. day at rafting adventure. You’re all the bag packs is securely locked container and lunch is provided on the riverside. And you will spend 2 days more by your choices of hotel. The next day you can do a jungle zip line and canopy tour at Caquetá National Park where you will tour jungle and hiking. (3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 1 dinner) provided in this package. It includes 4 days and 3 nights and the total cost is $ 450 p/p double.

Romance and the adventures
This package is especially for the couple for honeymoon. If your love one simply needs a romantic then this is the perfect package and also for two friends who want pamper together me t is 4 days n 3 nights’ package… In this package there is roundtrip transportation from San Jose or Adrenal. You can enjoy spa at the pure jungle by a delicious dinner for two at a local favorite including wine. Getting wet a day of laughs through our whitewater rafting adventure in Costa Rica. This tour includes lunch and also the breakfast daily. The total cost is $446 p/p double.

5 Best Travel Insurance Providers

Travel Insurance offers the protection against the various types of the financial loss during the tours. The travel insurance companies covers the various types of the economic loss for the medical expenditure, cancellation charge, and covers for the accidents on the tour.


The different insurance companies offers the various types of travel insurance policies for the both national and international travelers. Some of the top travel insurance providers are briefly explained:-
Travel Insured International
Travel Insured International was established in 1994 by Peter Gehris. The American travel insurance company is headquartered in Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA. The company offers the following types of the coverage:
Cancellation Coverage
Medical Expenditure while travelling
Baggage Loss and Delay
Roma Right Travel Insurance
The insurance is offered by the Arch Insurance Company. It offers the travel insurance plans according to the types of the travel such as vacation travel, business travel, and educational travel. The travel plan includes the cancellation charge coverage, medical expenditure coverage, and sports activity coverage. It offers up to $1, 00,000 in an emergency case.

It is managed and operated by Mapfre Asistencia. InsureandGo offers its travel insurance policies all around the world. The insurance policy is offered to every age groups and the kids can be included in an annual insurance policy for free of cost.

The insurance covers for up to 50 adventurous activities. The different types of the plans includes Domestic Travel Plan, International Travel Plan, Cruise Travel Insurance Plan and Senior Travel Insurance Plan.
The plans covers the 100% of your loss if you needed to cancel your trip for the different reasons. It also covers the travel delay costs and medical expenditures in the travel period. The insured is provided with $500,000 in emergency cases for medical expenditures.
World Nomads
Through the the many travelers can secure their travel. The insurance service is offered in more than 151 countries. The travel insurance plans are very attractive who like to travel alone. The insurance policy starts as soon as the traveler leaves the home. The insurance company will pay if you fall sick during the tour.


It also covers the cancellation loss and loss of the personal belongings such as iPad, laptops, and cameras. The insurance plans also offers the different adventurous travel plans including the different types of the sports activities in the tour.
Allianz was founded in 1890. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The Forbes Magazine recognized the Allianz as the largest insurance company in the world in 2014. Allianz offers the travel insurance service in more than seventy countries.

The insurance covers your financial loss in case you needed to cover the loss if you need to cancel your trip door the different reasons. It also covers the medical expenditure that means the company will pay for you if you suffer from the various types of illness during your trip. It will also cover your medical fee incase if you are injured in an accident.

Top 5 Travel Agencies Worth Trying

People travel for fun, entertainment, education and to get relax. There are various travel agencies that helps you to spend the quality time in the travel destinations. Finding the best travel agency might be very confusing. Here are the top 5 best travel agencies to plan your vacation.

Smart tour
Smart tour is one of the best travel agencies. This agency smart tour was established in the year 1996 in New York. The agency was established for offering better quality as well as more thrilling group vacation tour at different countries in a very low price. The smartour’s team think on the international travelling must be reasonable.

So, all the team of this agency works for proving affordability to its customers. The agency has the membership in the United States tour operation association.

Global vacation network
The global vacation network is popular as one of the best travel agency. The agency is one of the membership service’s leader that help on providing the chances to provides various saving during traveling and as well as shopping.

The membership travel benefits consists of condominium package and counsel for the finest saving for car rental, airline reservation, tour package and many others. In the same way the membership shopping benefits online help on to get enter in many branded name product in a cost of wholesale.

The Global Work and Travel Co.
The Global Work and Travel Co. is headquartered in Australia. The offices are also available in United Kingdom and Canada. The company offers more than five hundred travel package in more than one hundred countries.

It offers the various plans to make the travel meaningful. The package includes volunteer service, student internship, teaching opportunities and many others. The company is most preferred by the youth travelers.
Tours4fun offers the various travel packages online. The company offers more than five thousands tour packages. The tour packages are offered in the world’s best destinations with an affordable price. The packages includes the bus tour, helicopter tour, airplane tour, cruise tour and other customized tours.

The agencies has many partner brands all around the world offering the foods and accommodation in above 85,000 hotels in different parts of the world. Besides the tour packages, it offers the various other services such as airport shuttle service and port of call excursion. It offers the 24 hours customer service to the travellers.
Expedia was introduced in October 22, 1996. It is an online travel company that offers the various travel and tour packages. The programs are offered for all types of the travellers – individual, couple, family or groups. The company offers the service like booking tickets, car rentals and booking the hotels. The vacation packages designed are very attractive and affordable.

It offers the adventurous tour packages. The travel agencies helps the travellers for the easy and entertaining tours. The packages are designed based on the nature of the travelers. While planning for the tour, one should always select the best travel agency for them which offers the best service in affordable price.